Kyrios Finance
About the project

About Kyrios

We decided to start on the Defi with a strong roar, just like a lion would, for us Kyrios is much more than a farm or a project, this means our time, effort, trust and of course discipline, we've seen plenty of projects rise and fall, but that's not our goal, we strive for greatness and longevity. We are a Yield Farming Protocol that came to stay.

About Us

It all started a couple of years ago, we were here as investors, and we understand perfectly what an investor craves, that's why we finally decided to create the project we'd buy, support, and hype, 4 of us are currently working on the project, two persons will be completely devoted and dedicated to the community, we'll listen to you, and the rest of the team will focus on the farming experience and developing, as you can see we are a whole team striving for success.
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